Cake Kit | Coconut Raspberry Lime Leaf

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Make no mistake, this is no Betty Crocker cake mix. Iconic Auckland baker, Jordon Randal, aka The Caker, has turned some of her favourite recipes into these decadent cake kits. 

This raspberry-laden cake mix is subtly sweet and has the most moreish lamington-esque texture.

Adding the freeze-dried kaffir lime powder to the cake and glaze is optional, but Jordon truly adores the intensely fresh and fragrant flavor that it imparts and she is certain you will too.

Decorate your finished cake with the sachet of freeze-dried raspberry crumble for an unmistakable Caker touch.

This kit is vegan-friendly if you use dairy-free milk and oil instead of butter.

Includes: Cake mix, coconut, glaze mix, ground lime leaf, freeze-dried raspberry decorations, non stick liner

You'll need: oil/butter, milk, raspberries