Calm Balm

By Noody

A Healing Balm With Prebiotics

Noody's Calm Balm is infused with a mighty blend of Prebiotics, Calendula, Kawakawa, and natural plant oils to help heal and protect.

Calm Balm helps make skin happy with a special blend of natural goodies like prebiotics, calendula, zinc and plant oils. It's loaded up with only the kindest kind of ingredients – none of the nasty stuff like steroids or harsh preservatives allowed! That makes this soothing balm an all-star member in anyone’s toolkit for relief from eczema, rashes, chafing, cuts, abrasions, burns, insect bites and more.

Key Ingredients:
Shea Butter • Avocado Oil • Hemp Seed Oil • Zinc Oxide • Prebiotics • Allantoin • Chamomile • Red Seaweed • Calendula • Oat Kernel • Black Fern • Kawakawa • Mānuka honey

How to Use:
Calm Balm can help heal eczema, cuts, abrasions, burns, and even nappy rash. Use as often as you need and continue until symptoms reduce.