Natural Hand Protector 550ml


Wave your hands like you’ve won the lottery, knowing your precious mitts can now be protected from bad bugs without the need to use yucky, stinky hand sanitisers!

Byebyebad's natural, alcohol-free, Bioactive Totarol™ powered Hand Protector applies a layer over the skin that inhibits growth of bad bacteria, this allows the good bacteria to thrive, the more good bacteria are thriving, the more you are protected (unlike traditional hand sanitisers that kill everything). It stays active for 24 hours all while nourishing your skin by fusing Kawakawa, Hemp, Manuka and Echinacea. A few pumps a day of this natural hand protector will keep the bad bugs at bay!

  • delicious minty scent
  • 99% natural
  • protects against 99.99% of bugs
  • alcohol-free
  • active for 24 hours
  • tested & proven against a range of household pathogens
  • rebalances skin ph levels
  • cruelty free & vegan friendly
  • antibacterial & antioxidant Bioactive Totarol™ - 7x more effective than vitamin e
  • packaging made from 100% recycled milk bottles & is recyclable once you're finished
  • Made in New Zealand

What is Bioactive Totarol™? The native Tōtara tree has a secret weapon called Bioactive Totarol™ in its heartwood which protects the tree from nasty environmental attacks, allowing it to live for hundreds of years. byebyebad®'s patented process extracts Bioactive Totarol™ from fallen trees and offcuts. The antioxidants help to neutralise free radicals linked to a range of illnesses caused by lifestyle and environmental factors, and the anti-inflammatory properties calm and soothe the skin when applied topically, creating an environment where bacteria can't survive.