Nesting Bowls | 2 Piece | Biscotti


These Australian-made nesting bowls are the perfect blend of form and function. Their beautiful shape and colour bring an elegance to kitchens and dining tables alike. Each bowl is snap-tight, lightweight, and meant to make your day, every day. Whether you’re standing at your counter or eating at your desk, hosting dinner or popping by your friend’s, these bowls are The Bowls. 

This is the 2 piece set in Biscotti which contains:

  • X-small bowl + lid
  • Small bowl + lid

Snap-tight (perfect for wet foods, take care with liquids)
Microwave, dishwasher, fridge + freezer friendly
Designed and made in Australia from polypropylene (food grade, BPA and phthalate free)

X-small 350ml | 12.5cm dia | 4.2cm H | perfect for snacks and condiments
Small 1L | 17.5cm dia | 5.7cm H | perfect for leftovers, lunch and large snacks