The Journal

By Journl

Learn to journal with this comprehensive step-by-step guide—a must-have for both journalling beginners and anyone seeking positive life changes, stress and anxiety management, or clarity in their direction. These journals are not just beautiful notebooks; they are powerful tools for personal growth.

A thoughtful gift for someone going through a challenging time or starting a new chapter in life. 

Inside your journal you'll discover:

  • 22 pages teaching you about journalling and how to get the most out of it
  • Essential mindfulness skills and four effective journalling techniques: mind dumping, reflection journalling, gratitude journalling, and manifestation journalling
  • Over 111 journal prompts for you to try on the beautifully lined pages that follow

The A5 black notebook features a hardcover with a durable linen fabric, housing 120 GSM lined internal pages. The pages are FSC certified, acid free and printed with soy ink.  

Elevate your journalling experience with this thoughtfully designed notebook, where every page becomes a canvas for self-discovery and positive change.